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Places I slept in


Traveling can broaden your thinking and can give you feeling of what real life is.
Most times I met hosts on a way and invited to visit my home. And consider myself very lucky I met those human beings - it made me believe in happy life we have an opportunity to organize and share.
Cs helps with that too. And I had those similar magic experiences using it.

I believe that couch is not always what we should follow but be open to new experiences. And would like to name places I slept in while traveling:
1. Some of them we visit regularly: Restaurants, shops, airports, train stations, garages, hospital
2. Some we visit less often: beaches, forests, caves, left and under construction houses, roofs of the buildings,
3. Religious people are good guys too so Buddhist Temples, Mosques, Churches weree my shelter sometimes...
4. Those very special for me:
Sleeping in Crimea on the cliff with eagles flying round
In forest of Chernobyl zone
Just sleeping on city river embankment for the first time
House of tea pickers near the waterfall in Sri Lanka
5. And all those people who met me for the first time and invited to their home will stay in heart too. Thank you guys!
Probably, girls with whom we met on the street and who in that same day decided to share the bed with me is also smth I like to remember about )
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